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From a Sami heritage

The Sami kåta and the Indian teepee are in principle the same solution for living close to nature. A simple cone-shaped frame of wooden poles was covered with animal hides, with an opening at the top to let out smoke. Very quickly the nomadic reindeer herding Sami people of northern Sweden had a wind-resistant and relatively sophisticated home that was easy to keep warm.

The principle was simple: the fire created warmth and the hides kept it in. The fire also provided light and a homely atmosphere. Cooking and smoking food, drying clothing and other household chores could easily be done inside.

Tentipi® Nordic tipis are based upon the traditional design principles of the Sami kåta, using the latest materials and construction techniques.

We are world-leading when it comes to lightness, size, exclusive features, quality and user-friendliness, which has led to us winning a number of prestigious industry awards for our products.

Thanks to the open fire, our Nordic tipis provide light, warmth and atmosphere. They fit into almost any environment and can be used for many purposes. Group, family or the lone wolf. Work, outdoor pursuit or party. In your garden or in the wild. Few things are as flexible as a Tentipi® Nordic tipi.

Our company

Tentipi® AB was established in the north of Sweden in 1989 and still operates from there today.

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