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Outdoor adventure means confronting the elements, earth, air, water, fire. This is why we call these tents our Adventure range. How better can you explore the earth, defy wind and rain, shelter from cold, sun, snow and insects — and share the elemental comfort of an open fire inside your tent?

Enjoy the outdoor lifestyle

Trekking, motoring, cycling, climbing, fishing, family camping — whatever the outdoors calls you to do, you can do it in comfort and style with a Tentipi® Adventure Nordic tipi. And you can have a warm, cosy fire to sit round at the end of the day. These tents combine the portability and storm proof qualities of today’s lightweight tents with the comfort and homely feeling of traditional Sami dwellings of the nomadic reindeer herding people of northern Sweden. And they are so manageable; they weigh from only 3.8 kg for 6 people. It’s a rare and valuable combination, and this is why we have named them after some of the earth’s most rare and precious minerals.

All-round better performance

Tentipi® Adventure Nordic tipis score top marks for versatility, quality of materials, safety, comfort, manageability, and protection against heat, cold, rain and condensation. You can choose from different levels of performance to match your lifestyle and budget. Take a look at the top of the range Safir, the simpler Onyx, or the eye-catching, feature rich Zirkon, the largest of which can accommodate groups of up to 35 people.

You’ll find out that the Tentipi® Adventure Nordic tipi range comes out top.

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