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A different way to entertain medium sized groups.

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Relive the outdoor lifestyle

These Classic Nordic tipis are ideal for festivals, club functions, private garden parties, barbecues, or business events, sporting occasions and tourist centres. Relive the outdoor lifestyle in an authentic nomadic setting.

It’s a design we’ve brought up to date sympathetically with 21st century technology — keeping the most elemental features of the original. You can still relax round a blazing log fire, encircled by solid, wooden poles. This is what makes the Tentipi® design so comforting, companionable and appealing. Tourism companies favour them for trip stops and warm shelters. Business and community leaders like them for festivals and private functions in their own grounds. Classic Nordic tipis are versatile and eye-catching, too — they make great advertising.

You can put up Tentipi® Classic, wooden-pole Nordic tipis quickly without a ladder and use them all year round.

Granit 14 21 40
Weight of canvas (kg) 19 26 47
No of seats on floor 18 — 22 27 — 34 56 — 68
No of seats on benches 12 — 16 18 — 24 40
No of sleeping people 9 17 30
Living area (m²) 17 26 52
Diameter (m) 5.0 6.6 8.5
Height (m) 3.9 5.0 6.0

Fire safety